NET500.CG Phoenix!

110314_n5hdr-wpnet500-03aNET500.CG is starting over.  This site takes the lead for all sites under the NET500.CG umbrella.  The main domains are found in the Header Menu, with inclusive domains and sites in drop-downs below below each Header label.

NET500.CG is the NET500 Creative Group, LLC.  We have been in existence since the Fall of 1998. We changed our previous mission from a single business venture (NET500 and previous to that, Les Booth, Ltd.) to a more collective approach.  NET500.CG now delivers a broad line-up of web sites, consisting of static domains; owned and operated by NET500.CG; and mirrored or similar names/content-missions, in online Free Accounts from and Blogger.

Along with the Blog/Site formats, we have build a substantial digital domain presence with numerous Social Media sites, connected to each of the segments of the NET500.CG universe. This provides a fast, broad and direct coverage of our  Sphere-of-Influence (SoI), when it comes to publishing information to our growing network of clientele.

Our 1st Goal is to develop the best methods for publishing information, products and ideas into the digital stream. Doing so effectively, with efficient methods, scalable between current and future segments of digital technology.  If what we build today becomes a legacy of unusable data… What is the point?  Our work ethic comes from a very rural and agricultural background.  We do NOT, like carrying wood twice.  Thus, when we develop tools or strategy, scalable to the next generation is considered and constructed into our plan.

Our 2nd Goal is to deliver our methods faster, simpler, more economically efficient and more effective than anyone else.