MS Word Problem: Images now blanks

This is a problem that exists in every version of MS Word.  From from time-to-time  it rears its ugly grimace. But most MS Word users have no idea there is a problem just waiting to give them a serious TEKheadache!  Let alone how to fix or avoid it.

Here’s the PROBLEM:

You place images into your document.  Everything looks fine. Then one of these three things happen:

  • you shut-down Word as normal;
  • you shut-down Word and then reopen a .doc file, which reopens Word rather rapidly;
  • your computer crashes;

These three very different events share a very common bug in Word and result in the same outcome.  Somewhere in the course of the code doing it’s thing, a protective engagement is initiated. You have no idea until you once again reopen Word and the doc you were working on.

Here’s the RE-ACTION:

You open the file your were working on, only find NO IMAGES.  Where each image should be, you find only a blank rectangle. Nothing you do seems to bring the image back.  You now begin to fear you have lost your document.  But good news!  You have not lost anything – other than a few hours of stress-free living..

Here’s the FIX:

The fix is the same no matter the version of Word.  However, how you get to the fix changes with each version of Word.

The PROBLEM … is that each image has been replaced with a PLACEHOLDER.  The image(s) remain very much attached to the document, but now your document is in ‘resource optimization mode’.  Meaning, a blank image has been substituted for the real image to save space for the file size.

Fixing this is fortunately quite simple.  But the PATH to fixing it is different for each version. Here are the fix procedures for Word 2003 and 2007 versions.

Word 2003

  • Open Word
  • Open TOOLS  > Options
  • In the Options Window click the Directory Heading > View
  • When in VIEW, scroll down the list to find the check box
    •  [ ] Picture placeholders
      • NOTE:  Since you’re NOT seeing the photos, you SHOULD find the box [x] checked.  This places a ‘placeholder’ in position of the real image.
      • By UNCHECKING this box, you will allow the real image to show as intended.
  • Click OK and you’re back in business


Word 2007

  • Open Word
  • Click the Office Button (it’s in the upper left corner of Word)
  • Select Word Options > select Advanced in the left pane
  • Scroll down to the Show document content  subsection
  • UNcheck the Show picture placeholders  option.
    •  [ ] Show picture placeholders
      • NOTE:  Since you’re NOT seeing the photos, you SHOULD find the box [x] checked.  This places a ‘placeholder’ in position of the real image.
      • By UNCHECKING this box, you will allow the real image to show as intended.
  • Click OK and you’re back in busines

Yes the solution for that terrible headache was just that simple.

Hope this helped.

Remember, when you are stumped, stuck or just plain stymied by technology – give TEKtics a call.  We can help.


Laptop Wi-Fi and Sterility in Males

Article in Mashable on Laptop Wi-Fi and Sterility in Males

This is one of those little journalistic ditties that just puts a twitch in your eyebrow and should ignite a spark in your cogency.

We’ve heard for years from the ‘voices in the shadows’ about the dangers (oh, sorry … potential dangers!) of the use of cellular devices (ie, phones) – for extended periods of time – in near adhesion to the sides of our heads.

Financial interests in selling phones, devices and air-time have screamed ‘foul’ at each turn when such concerns have been raised.

For those who wish to ignore any potential danger in lieu of accessing their inner-technology-lusts support the screams-of-foul by tapping deep into their easy access to techno-smack.

The rest of humanity is made up of those who:  

a) feel something just doesn’t seem right;

b) don’t know and don’t care;

c) those whose lives have been forever altered by the so-called, ‘impertinent-apocryphal-warning’s most painful reality;

This report, of possible WiFi spermicide, will no-doubt be ballyhooed as a Chicken Little moment, by those with financial and lustful interests.  But there will be no value in egg-on-face moments – IF – in the near future – we find entire pockets of the human race empty due to a lack of fertility.  

OK.  I’m a technologist. I have been for the better part of the past 25 years. I use technology to the hilt. I have WiFi routers, my laptops are all actively using WiFi and I’ll soon be adding both Pad and Smart-phone technology to my techno-toolbox.  Is this in-the-face of what I just wrote?  No.  Not at all.  Here’s why.

  1. I am 59 and will not be fathering anymore children. Period. So, sterility is not an issue for me.
  2. I don’t use WiFi – in my lap, in my pocket, or within 10 feet of me, all the time.
  3. I realize the potential danger and take measures to mitigate the majority of the adverse (or, potentially adverse) side-effects.  
  4. I work smart within the parameters of the technology curtain.

Deeply concerning is the potentially damaging element underlying this report; a ‘hole’ that could be found wanting in the future of humanity.  

This hole won’t likely be found among the lower DNA-imbuing-ignoragrunts of humanity.  The ‘holes’ will be found in the brighter; potentially beneficial, elements of the human race.

Essentially, the intelligent people may be, in very unintelligent fashion, writing their own script for a version 3.0: Island of Dr. Moreau

So, a visit to Common-Sense land may well be a very intelligent forward-thinking effort to preserve the future viability of humanity..  

Keep the WiFi enabled/activated device

  • off your lap
  • out of your pocket
  • and if you need it to be on and plugged-in – shield yourself – for at least the majority of the time.
  • otherwise, just treat this warning like the dozen or so stickers found on the average step ladder.

You know those little ladders with all those stickers, containing warnings to not misuse the step ladder – like DO NOT STEP HERE – on what everyone calls the ‘top step’ – but it’s NOT a step, it’s the top of the step ladder. Those same warnings, ignored to the tune of an annual average of 160,000+ emergency room injuries and 300 deaths in the U.S. – of which most occur at heights of 10 feet or less.

Can you spell – step ladder?

Can you spell – unnecessary?

Can you spell – stupid?

Can you?

Well, maybe you can. But, if you keep that laptop, pad, smart-phone or other electromagnetic broadcasting device – in your lap, pocket, or within an unshielded 10 foot perimeter of your body – your would-be-future-kids won’t be.


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RIP Gizmo5

My apologies that I’m a bit late in commenting on this news item, but I had to cool down a bit.  As much as  I’m a Change Agent, there are some actions taken in the world of technology, that just plain piss-me-off.  And this was one.

Gizmo Project’s –  Gizmo5 –  is NO MORE.

The former Gizmo Project – renamed Gizmo5 in early 2009, the only real competitor to Skype worth looking into, was gobbled up by Google on November 12, 2009 (formal announcement).

Before gobbling up Gizmo, Google purchased another really good idea:  GrandCentral; the first centrally located one-number, one-contact, effort online – that really worked.

Gizmo5 was combined with the former GrandCentral and is now .. Google Voice.

So what you read in my original post will actually be reading a bit of  past-history.  And for my money,  sad, bad-past-history.

I had both GrandCentral and Gizmo5 accounts.  I used both regularly.  I really enjoyed the benefits and functions of these contact-communication tools.  However,  I’ve not be nearly as inspired by Google Voice.

In fact, though I have several Google Voice accounts, I’ve rarely .. if ever again! .. used them.

As the song told us years ago, “… you don’t know what you got, ’til it’s gone.”[1] I’m also hearing an endless loop of this R’n’R legend, “You can’t always get what you want.”[2]

I know, I know.  I might be pulling the trigger too fast here.  Google might just turn around and hit a home run with Google Voice.  But right now, all I see is a miserable pop-up to center field.

I don’t hope for it to be a failure.  I truly want this effort to be a real winner.  Sure it’s FREE.  But there is an old adage that warns about such illegitimate opportunity as well, “… you get what you pay for”.   This is a plague found deep withing the core of the Internet mentality.  It will change.  But that change will be very painful.  So we don’t need anyone adding to the future extraction excruciation.

Google does a lot of things very good.   I really like that about Google.

But no one, not even Google, does everything better.  That Google has not realized this,  I really DON’T like about them.

The main reason isn’t only the demise of something I’d grown used to; accustomed to; and enjoyed.

It’s more about their arrogance.  And most of all it’s the fact that their arrogance will lead to their downfall.  That ruination will REALLY piss-me-off.  I really like using their good stuff.  A lot!

Change is good.   But, extinction SUCKS.  And arrogance leads right straight to extinction.



[1] Joni Mitchel’s 1970 hit, Big Yellow Taxi
[2] Rolling Stones 1969 hit, You Can’t Always Get What You Want